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St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School




At St Gregory’s, we believe that attending school regularly is important to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all of our children. Everyone in our whole school community takes responsibility for attendance. Attending school regularly means:

  1. Children can make the most of their education, improving their chances in adult life.
  2. Children will develop their social skills, such as making and keeping friendships.
  3. A regular and punctual attendance pattern will help children when they progress to high school and eventually enter the world of work.

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Our school moto for attendance is:

“We can’t teach an empty chair!”


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School has an attendance target of 97% and the biggest barrier to achieving our target is holidays taken during term time.


We ask that holidays are only booked during the academy holiday periods.


We do not authorise term time absences and adhere to government and local authority guidelines with regard to Fixed Penalty Notices.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that:


  • school starts at 08:50am
  • the school gates are open from 07:30am
  • registers close 30 minutes after the start of the session
  • if your child arrives after the start of the session but before the register closes they will be issued with a late mark.
  • after the close of registers the mark will be U which is an unauthorised absence and will affect your child’s overall attendance.
  • poor attendance may result in prosecution under Section 444 of The Education Act 1996.

Going to school unprepared can be a major worry for children - help them by checking school bags the night before, packing P.E. bags and keeping an eye on their homework and reading tasks.

Tired children aren't punctual and find it hard to learn, so ensure your child has a sensible bed time. Although it’s difficult to tell exactly how video games affect our sleep, common sense tells us that any over-stimulating activity before bedtime is likely to disturb our night’s rest. We also know that exposure to bright screens at night has physiological effects; preventing our bodies from producing melatonin which helps us get to sleep. So, based on some of the extensive research, it’s probably wise to stop your child’s gaming activities at least an hour before you go to sleep. Playing on into the night will take a toll on health, energy and mental abilities.

Help them get into a regular routine and set an alarm at the same time every morning.


Make time for breakfast or bring your child to school’s free breakfast club. Children can arrive between 7.40am and 8.15am for breakfast.

Children can become unsettled if they have to go into school late and without their friends.

Have a memory board at home for special trips activities to help remind you and help them remember to prepare for it.

Try to be strict on absences and show your child that attending school is a priority to you and key to their success.


School staff constantly monitor the registers and will intervene with all cases below 97% or if lateness is becoming a barrier to progress or welfare. Attendance which is below 90% is deemed by the government as Persistently Absent and can result in prosecution.


Details of our rewards system are below as well as the process to support parents and carers where attendance is below expectations. We hope that all of our pupils will achieve the attendance rewards on offer but we also recognise that in a few cases, despite significant support from school, attendance might not improve. In these cases it is important for all parents and carers to be aware of the process and the possible consequences.


Text Box:  We reward good attendance in a variety of ways:

Help your child become an Attendance Hero:

H here

E everyday

R ready

O on time



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Attendance heroes will appear each week on the Attendance display board in the main corridor. Certificates will be sent home and those who achieve 100% attendance in a half term will be included on the Attendance trip.


Each week, classes have their attendance monitored in preparation for Friday’s extra playtime. In the assembly, class attendance percentages will be shared. Any class with 100% attendance for the week will enjoy an extra playtime on Friday afternoon.


As a school attendance is really important to us, however we cannot improve this on our own. Our pastoral team are really supportive and welcome all parents and carers to contact them if there are any difficulties. There are so many things we can do to help so please keep talking to us.

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