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Photos from previous year

Keeping ourselves happy and healthy with regular activities and super team work

Helping our friends to relax .

Peer massage

Remembrance Day

Internet Safety

Team work


Our class rules and poem- created by Year 4!

Our Class Code of Conduct


  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Look after others and respect their feelings

  • Respect other people’s space and belongings

  • Use Kind words and kind hands

  • Have good manners

  • Be Kind and thoughtful

  • Be a good listener

  • Work hard and always try your best

  • Be honest

  • Be thankful to God for all the wonderful things we have

  • Be responsible and set a good example

  • Keep our classroom neat and tidy

  • Be patient and take turns










Our Class Contract

Welcome to year 4, we always work hard and enjoy a little rest

We never give up, we always try our best.

We approach our work in a positive way, we are respectful and thoughtful

Especially when it’s time to pray.

We always help people if they fall,

In class we work hard and have a ball!

So don’t cry, never sigh!

The class is always on your side!

Always have a smile on your face, because here you are always an ace!

We don’t shout or fight! Our class is a true delight!

You will never feel lonely, so don’t be grey or blue.

We help you and you help too.

We are kind, honest and simply divine, we’re sure you’ll have a great time!

Never give up, Grown up, we say!

Welcome to year 4 were we laugh, learn and play.

Looking at our rights

Finding out what it takes to work for the police...

Voting for our school council...
During our topic 'New Beginnings' we discussed our class contract and why it is important. We all signed it to show we agreed with the rules. We know it is important to follow rules and why we have different rules in different places.
Please note, the pictures below are from the academic year 2016-2017.
During Spring term, our topic is 'Going for Goals.' We have set some class goals and personal goals to try our best to achieve.