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Y3 Science

Investigating Magnetism

We worked in groups to decide what food groups make a balanced meal. Each group presented their meal to the class.

Please note pictures below are from academic year 2018-19

Animals and humans

Investigating friction

We planned out investigation first
We thought about what we could change
We talked about what we would measure

Planning our investigation

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We discussed what we could change

Planning our experiment

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The car has travelled down the ramp
We measured in cm
We used a tape measure to check the distance.
We used a plastic surface.

Our investigation: How does light travel?

Darkness is the absence of light

I can see what is inside because it is light
I can't see anything when we cover the window.
It's dark because there is no light.

Comparing the properties of sweets to rocks

We were trying to find the strongest magnet.
We used a horse shoe magnet.
It is the biggest. I think it will be strongest.
The strip did not attract the paper clip.
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