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Y4 Geography

South America

Our visit to the rainforest was yummy!

finding out more about rainforests

Bringing the rainforest to us

Locating places in Netherley using four figure grid references.

During Health & Fitness week, we used Google Earth and atlases to find out about different countries in the Football World Cup.

We used Google Earth to find the hottest, driest places and hottest, wettest places in the world.

Using an atlas to identify different climate zones around the world.

We used Google Earth and atlases to locate different places in South America...

Researching the similarities and differences between Liverpool and cities in North America...

Please note the pictures below are from the academic year 2016-2017
 Is Netherley an urban or a rural area? We have been studying the human and physical features in our local area.

We have been researching the different types of settlements in the UK.

We have been using an atlas to see where Rainforests are in the world...

Please note that the photographs below are from the academic year 2015-2016.


In the Autumn term Year 4 were studying the Rainforests. We were looking at the different layers of the Rainforest and which animals lived in each area. We made our own animals for our Rainforest in class. Class 4 successfully helped to save the Rainforest by encouraging the whole school to not use paper for a whole day. This was a tough challenge, but one which was accepted and thoroughly enjoyed by all children!