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Y4 Science

Testing out our headphones

How does distance affect the volume of a sound

Changing the pitch of a sound

photos from previous year

Conductor or insulator experiment

Making complete circuits with switches

Chocolate Investigation. Science can be yummy!!

investigate.......Does gas weigh anything?

Comparing human teeth and animal teeth

Electricity photos from previous year

We explored changing the pitch of the sound that the straw made by changing the length of it...

We explored the relationship between distance and sound...

We looked at different ways of making sound and how sound travels...

We made models of The Water Cycle

We have been looking at materials that can change state...

In Science, we are learning about the digestive system.

Please note the pictures below are from the academic year 2016-2017
We were given the equipment below and given the challenge of making the bulb light up. We were all successful! 💡🔋 We also found that the more wires we added to the circuit, the dimmer the bulb became. 
We visited Reception class to see the chicks because they had just hatched! 🐣
We have been investigating pitch and how to change the pitch of sound by changing the length of straws and blowing in to them. Below are pictures and videos of our results. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We have been studying sound and how it travels. Below are pictures of our outside learning and videos explaining our findings. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We have been looking at the Water Cycle Science. Please take a look at the Year 4 English page to watch our documentaries about The Water Cycle. 
We have been looking at how certain things can change state. We held an ice cube in different ways to see how long it would take to melt. We also used thermometers to see how the temperature changed. After this, we melted chocolate. Below is a video explaining our findings. 


Still image for this video
Results of our teeth investigation.
The Digestive System 
Please note that the photos below are from the academic year 2015-16.



Still image for this video
The Water Cycle...

In Science we have been making goo to see how materials can change state.


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